Monday Morning Healing Nia

Healing Nia is a much slower version of Classic Nia and focuses more on sensation and using movement to feel better and heal. It was originally designed for those recovering from injuries and a variety of chronic and life-threatening health conditions including anxiety, depression, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia and more. This class is also a great place for students to start if they are new to an exercise program and want to start more slowly. However, any body is welcome at any fitness level for a more gentle intrinsic movement experience.

The structure is slightly different than Classic Nia with an “awareness walk’ in the beginning and a “gratitude walk” towards the end. Please remember, there is always the option to enjoy class from a chair, if necessary. Like Classic Nia, each Healing Nia class is done barefoot to beautiful music and will have a particular focus on sensation of different parts of the body (e.g. feet, legs, pelvis, hands, etc.). This focus helps students to become more aware of the body, of how it moves and works for us. We learn how to observe where our body feels good, where it feels less good, and then think about what we can do that helps it to feel better.

Step into a wonderful, healing experience. Your body will thank you!

Only $10 to drop-in, $80 for a 10-class punchcard, or $50/mo for unlimited classes. 

Click here to sign up, buy your class pass and sign the digital waiver. This saves us time instead of doing it right before class. Cash also accepted! :)